Real Estate

Solsidus Law is actively engaged in all aspects of legal work pertaining to the real estate sector. Our team provides advice to real estate companies and developers, private and public bodies, private individuals, corporate clients, investors, lenders, contractors and property-owning institutions and assists and advises in the purchase and sale of both commercial and residential property and of other development projects. 

Our law firm is able to undertake all requisite due diligence initiatives that may be necessitated to determine the impact of charges, environmental restrictions, planning/building limitations etc. in relation to any immovable property transactions undertaken.

In safeguarding clients’ best interests, effective channels of communication are diligently maintained by Solsidus Law with all key players who are directly or indirectly involved in the real estate sphere. This might entail ongoing contact with lawyers, developers, estate agents, investors, government departments (land registry, planning department, council of ministers, inland revenue), municipal/utility authorities and others. In addition, we support clients throughout the transaction, from A to Z, including the attendance and handling of all processes with the local Land Registry, Tax Department and other governmental organisations. In conjunction with our tax associates, we provide to our clients tailor made optimized tax solutions in order to achieve the best and most cost effective results in each occasion.

Stella C. Koukounis

Stella C. Koukounis

Georgia Georgiou Mouzouri