Family Office Services

The set-up of a family office is often seen as a convenient one-stop management solution for families of considerable wealth who wish to oversee, manage and have better control of their wealth. Also, to manage their assets in a professional way. We understand that each family office is set up and operates based on its unique set of circumstances since the needs and objectives vary from family to family.

Solsidus Law offers a variety of services such as administrative support, in-house legal services, accounting, investment management services, immovable and movable assets management services all tailored to each client’s requirements. Drawing from extensive experience working with family offices and their representatives, Solsidus Law is able to provide insightful solutions, at the pace and within the frameworks required.

We are able to assist you setting up a family office and offer the expert services of different professionals such as lawyers, accountants, investment advisors, real estate agents all combined under one roof. In such way the family affairs are handled in a more efficient, time-saving and cost-effective manner than having to reach out to multiple service providers, a tactic which often increases the possibility of complexity, miscommunication and confusion. 

Key Contacts

Stella C. Koukounis