Corporate & M&A

Our corporate team has an in-depth understanding of the domestic and international business environment, allowing it to excel in the provision of legal advice which can be described as accurate and comprehensive with a direct and practical approach. Our compelling performance history includes advice in corporate and M&A transactions in complex multinational and high-profile involving a Cypriot element of private and public companies pre-IPO and listing by way of private placement.

We advise a diverse spectrum of businesses including investors, sellers, purchasers and financial institutions on corporate issues by offering the full range of corporate services, from the incorporation of a company, acquisition of joint-ventures, cross-border mergers and acquisitions and re-domiciliation of companies in and out of Cyprus.

Our team’s M&A capabilities span the rigorous stage of due diligence where we ensure our clients have an accurate picture of the assets, liabilities, legal and financial history of a company. It’s our priority to present all available facts and communicate all risks. At the transactional stage, our team applies inimitable expertise and resources to ensure a successful and smooth close of the deal at hand. We are engaged to advise across various sectors, including shipping, transportation, energy, real estate, technology, manufacturing, mining and many others.

Key Contacts

Stella C. Koukounis

Chara Paraskeva