Cyprus to issue Green Bonds before the end of 2022 -Government Approves. Step-by-step guide on the issue of certified Green Bonds.

In December 2022, Solsidus Law published first about EU’s EUR 1 trillion ambitious plan to boost investments in clean energy, with the ability to finance eligible projects through certified Green Bonds. Eight months later, in September 2022 the Cypriot Government announced its plans to see this through before the end of the year. Finance Minister Constantinos Petrides reportedly commented that the issue “will have an incredibly positive response from the rating agencies and from the markets because it will mark the readiness of Cyprus to enter this new era.”

Solsidus law has first analysed the evaluation process which renders projects eligible for Green Bonds funding, and requires an evaluation by an external consultant who will certify that they meet sustainable specifications. More details in our article.

Our updated Green Bonds article was published in Gold Magazine in July 2022.

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