Cyprus Chapter: Fintech Laws and Regulations by ICLG

In late April 2022 at the end of rigorous and busy month, we managed to submit our chapter on Fintech Laws and Regulations to the International Comparative Legal Guide answering what seemed to be endless and meticulously drafted questions, on such a new and rapidly developing area of the law: financial technology.

Our experience working with and advising financial technology institutions for regular payments, as well as in support of complex transaction payments since 2018 when the use of EMIs was beginning to make its mark, renders us well-versed in the applicable laws and regulatory framework, from both a theoretical but also very practical point of view.

In this Chapter, we’ve taken the opportunity to present the regulatory landscape as it is evolving to include crypto-asset providers through the Crypto-Asset Register which is maintained by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, but also, touch on the various ways in which intellectual property itself can be monetized in Cyprus.

With the application and commercial exploitation of Non-Fungible Tokens having a momentum in 2022, we take the opportunity to connect the various financial laws with the more traditional intellectual property laws applicable in Cyprus, that may require an overhaul to properly address and regulate trading of intellectual property assets, at a decentralised environment.

Fintech Laws and Regulations Report 2022 Cyprus (

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