Formation and administration of Cyprus International Trusts, court applications to enforce or amend trust deeds, succession and wealth planning.

One of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do was explain the concept of a Trust to a client who had absolutely no intention of losing control over their property but wanted his property settled in a Trust all the same. At SOLSIDUS LAW we do not sell Trusts. We spend time listening and making notes of your individual wishes so that we can form and administer the Trust you want to have in place and which better serves your specific purposes.  We do not offer boxed-like solutions most people have very little understanding of. We advise on ways to structure your wealth ensuring that those persons or organisations that stand to benefit from your Trust settlement actually do. We understand the heavy burden associated with our Trustee position. We steer clear from conflict-of-interest situations standing by the level of trust you have given us.

Above all, we find Trusts fascinating. Trusts are a concept as ancient as Greek Mythology or dating as far back as the Victorian times –depending on which version of Trusts’ origin you choose to believe. We like both. And we truly consider that Cyprus International Trusts have a place in modern day wealth preservation strategies.

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