(IT) Software and mobile apps development, hardware and smart devices building, web design, hosting and terms of service, domain names, big data, privacy and cybersecurity; (Telco) Interconnect agreements and switching, reseller agreements, ACMA licensing, numbering plans and other regulatory compliance, disputes.

At SOLSIDUS LAW we understand that IT-related agreements can be a minefield to draft, largely due to the complex technical jargon used and the detailed descriptions of tech programmes that nobody gets to actually see, other than the engineers who develop them. Still, we also know that tech-experts are people like the rest of us who want to ensure that their hard work is fully protected and complies with the applicable laws and regulations. Our job is to make technical terms work in the parameters of the law and not hide inside hundreds of pages of incomprehensible jargon.

Our IT and telecommunications clients come to us for drafting or reviewing commercial contracts, for regulatory compliance, they entrust us with the registration and management of their IP, and we are on their speed dial if disputes arise. We understand the kind of commitment a fast-paced industry as IT and Telecommunications requires. This is reflected in our unparalleled responsiveness and our fixed prices taking away at least one element of surprise our clients are better served without.

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