Trade mark and registered design applications, renewals, objections, trade mark and copyright infringement, counterfeit goods, search and seizure, IP licences, brand protection.

With thousands of trademark and patent applications filed each year at World Intellectual Property Organisation it is clear that the most important asset any business has is its Intellectual Property. Oddly enough, we still find ourselves having to convince many businesses to give their IP the attention it deserves. Those who neglect to do so, always regret it.

The complex nature of IP, how it is created and to what extent it can be protected, is largely to blame.

That’s when our IP team comes in to the rescue. Instead of laying out the myriad options and possibilities that IP protection has available, we ask our client a basic question:  ‘what is the most valuable asset of your business (apart from your amazing employees) that you want to protect from your competitors?’ From then on, our task in advising on trademark and design, copyright or patent protection becomes straightforward.

You should be thinking of IP protection as early as possible in your business. There’s more than one aspect of it too, the legal and the tax aspect. IP protection is at the heart of the legal aspect. Registering a trademark or a patent, grabbing domain rights or asserting ownership of copyright over manuals and procedures all have urgency attached to them that we ensure our clients are informed of as early as possible in our communications.

The tax aspect of IP relates to the benefits which a corporation can gain from exploiting their most important asset. Cyprus tax optimization of IP offers incentives for businesses worldwide.

We have been entrusted with the registration and management trade mark portfolios registered in Cyprus and internationally. We conduct search for manufacturers whose products are being copied; advise on licence agreements and IP protection strategies; and litigate infringement cases.

When we think of IP, we see the culmination of our clients’ efforts to build their businesses. And we find that pretty attractive.

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