Permanent residency and Citizenship by the Cyprus Investment Programme.

In recent times, dual citizenship and visa-free travel are becoming increasingly important to international clients and their families, for a variety of reasons; political stability, access to a better quality of life, estate planning or privacy are only a few of the most frequently cited reasons.

Taking advantage of its stable political climate and its important geopolitical location, the Cyprus government has developed two of the most successful investment routes of recent times this being achieved through the Cyprus Investment Programme. The Permanent Residency by Investment in Cyprus can be provided to successful applicants within two months of filing the relevant application. The coveted Cyprus citizenship can be acquired within three to six months from the date of application, to those applicants which the Council of Ministers considers have satisfied the investment thresholds required and will contribute positively to the islands business.

The last two years, a significant number of international investors and wealthy entrepreneurs have chosen Cyprus as their permanent base in the EU applying and successfully acquiring either a Permanent Residency Permit or the Cypriot Citizenship.

The partners at Solsidus law have a proven record for successful immigration and citizenship engagements to some of the world’s most noteworthy personalities following the Cyprus Investment Programme. We bring in the insight from deliberations with the Ministry of Interior and combine this with our unparalleled dedication to our clients’ interests. When we decide to take on an applicant for PPR or Citizenship, we make a conscious decision to have solely our client’s interests in mind. There are a number of routes we consciously avoid in our search for the best investment opportunity for our clients. Because the only investment we care about, is the one adding value to our client’s pockets and not the other way around.

We offer comprehensive advice from a Cyprus law perspective on:-

  • Cyprus Investment Programme and acquisition of Cyprus passports for third-country nationals and their clients;
  • Permanent and Temporary Residency Permits;
  • Special collective real estate purchase schemes for Cyprus passport purposes;
  • Private client portfolio management.

Our fees for PRP and Citizenship applications are fixed and very client-friendly.


Speak to: Stella Koukounis / Maria Ammari