Employment agreements, awards, redundancy plans, discrimination, unfair dismissal, general protections disputes, non-compete restraints, litigated employment claims.

Employment issues in the workplace require a pragmatic approach. Every real business no matter how big or small will soon be confronted by questions at the heart of its most valuable asset: its employees. Balancing the interests of growing businesses with those of its workforce can be challenging. The legislation and body of case law is merely the starting point when drafting sound employment agreements. Experience and practice become all the more important when advising corporate clients at the brink of taking difficult decisions like letting people go, implementing a redundancy plan or hiring experts.

The truth is, when you meddle with workplace issues you do need support from people who know these inside out. No matter what the issue is, compliance, protection of the business against possible claims, or defending the business against unreasonable claims, the reality is you have to balance legal rights and obligations with what’s best for the business.

For this reason, our employment law team ensures you get all the necessary support and advice to stay on the right side of the law while your business thrives.

SOLSIDUS LAW advise on every aspect of employment law and litigation in all the relevant courts and tribunals.  You get fast response times, an easy to understand analysis of risks associated with difficult decisions, and a legal bill that won’t break the bank. We’re on your side.

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