Security structures, loan and pledge or charge agreements, capital raising, AML compliance.

Banking and finance is a fancy term for advice and documents that have your back when you lend or borrow significant amounts of money as part of your corporate deals. We frequently act for international banks seeking security for extending loan facilities to Cyprus companies. We help their in-house legal teams navigate through pledge and charge provisions and formalities to ensure the right collaterals are in place to support facilities granted. We incorporate  practical steps in our legal advice that effectively secures lending, going beyond a mere reciting of provisions of the applicable law; Steps and procedures which have been tested and approved by the Cypriot or Commonwealth courts.

Acting for major international banking institutions for as many years as we have, we utilize a wealth of experience gathered and which is found extremely useful also by our corporate clients and entrepreneurs when they engage us for banking and finance advice. We help them meet the security requirements set out by their lending banks by offering clear and practical advice on how to protect their interests.

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