Technology & E-commerce

Online trading can create significant commerce opportunities, but with complex regulation and an ever-changing business environment, it also presents challenges.

Out team of lawyers, experts in e-commerce law, can advise you on setting up an e-commerce business that is complaint with all appropriate laws and regulations. Our clear, comprehensive and practical guidance is based on deep market knowledge and decades of combined legal expertise. By working closely with you, we can help you reduce risk, adhere to regulatory requirements and position your business for growth.

As technology becomes more sophisticated and developed over time, traders are trying to keep up by digitalising their presence and, at the same time, simplifying the ways in which they interact and transact with customers through a borderless business platform that targets a – geographically – limitless customer base. This in simple terms describes the concept of e-commerce. E-commerce draws on different technologies (e.g., internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic money transfers, mobile commerce etc) and involves a number of legal issues that will have to be addressed by a trader, including issues of intellectual property, cookies, marketing and sales promotions, consumer protection, data privacy and payment services.

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